What Kind Of Tires Does My Car Need?

Many drivers don't put much thought into tires and generally assume that all tires are the same or there are only two kinds of tires. However, there are several different kinds of tires to choose from that are designed for different things. The parts team here at Prestige Family of Dealerships can help you decide which kind of tire is best for the type of car you have or the kind of driving you do.

Three Type of Tires

  • Summer Tires:These tires are best used in dry conditions although they also function well in slightly wet conditions. The tires have orbital grooves, this groove helps during humid weathers.
  • Winter Tires: These tires are best for snow-prone areas, narrow winter tires are usually the best so as to pass through the snow with much ease.
  • All-Season Tires: They are great for any type of weather. These tires are divided into two categories touring and passenger tired. Although it's all season the tires cannot function well on snow.
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