Invest in the Quality of Your 2017 Subaru with the Cargo Tray

To some, there could be nothing better than the look, feel, and smell of a new car. Keep your new Subaru in top condition longer with the Cargo Tray available in a 2017 Subaru Impreza sedan.


Drivers near Cherry Hill, Ardmore, Washington Township, Philadelphia, and South Jersey will be driving finer than ever after stopping by Prestige Subaru in Turnersville, New Jersey. From hauling groceries to transporting your pets, the Cargo Tray accessory will keep your 2017 Subaru clean while being highly functional.


Your Cargo Tray and Your Subaru

  • Protects your trunk/cargo area from stains, dirt, and debris so you can load up without messing up.
  • The added padding and traction of the Cargo Tray prevents your items from shifting while driving.
  • Like your Subaru interior, your Cargo Tray can easily be kept like new. Simply remove the tray to rinse it clean.

Ready to keep rolling down the road with a car that looks like it never left the lot? Come by and see us at Prestige Subaru.

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