2018's Subaru Outback: Road Tested, Kelly Blue Book Approved

Kelly Blue Book is one of the most trusted entities in the car world. When they speak, people tend to listen. When KBB says that the 2018 Subaru Outback is "the most recommendable vehicle for the broadest range of buyers and tasks," it means something.

How did the Outback earn its accolades? By the delivering one of the best all-rounder experiences you'll find on the road.

Offering a spacious five-seat interior, the Outback delivers leg room and comfort for both its driver and passengers. If you're looking for cargo room, you'll get that too. It might not have the space of a truck cab, but it delivers more than enough room for your large grocery trips and other everyday errands.

The Outback also provides an impressive level of versatility on the road. Its sturdy body design provides 8.7 inches of ground clearance. Its four trims also include all-wheel drive as a standard feature. Couple that with 175 horsepower and 256 horsepower engine options, and you have a recipe for a car that can survive and thrive in a variety of road conditions.

If you have a family or just want a dependable car, the 2018 Outback may be just what you're looking for. Why not come down to Prestige Dealerships in Turnersville, NJ and find out in person? Our expert staff can answer your questions and provide insight into other options in our new car inventory.

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