Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Recalls Earlier Volkswagen Electric Vehicle


Volkswagen has created a modern rendition of it's historic VW Microbus. The ID Buzz, as it's called is an all electric Volkswagen van with an estimated range of 270 miles, a 0-60 MPH time of five seconds, and a total of 369 horsepower thanks to not one but two electric motors. If this concept ever does make it to production, expect it sometime around 2022.

ID Buzz, Meet the Volkswagen Elektro-Bus

Volkswagen is not a stranger to electric vehicles. In fact, Volkswagen built and sold about 70 Elektro busses in Germany between 1972 and 1976. The Elektro Bus, or Electro Transporter as it was sometimes called, was a modified version of the automaker's popular Type 2 Microbus. Despite limitations due to battery technology of the 1970s which limited the Elektro Bus' speed to 43 miles per hour and topped the range off at 25 miles, the Elektro Bus heralded what was eventually to come for Volkswagen: an Electric Golf, and now, Electric ID Buzz concept!

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