Motor Oil Myths: Fact Vs. Fiction

There is a lot of misinformation regarding motor oil in circulation. That's why its important for you to have a grasp on what's real and what isn't. And we're here help; here are a few different things to understand about motor oil myths.

To start, if you aren't due for a change, don't sweat it. Getting an oil change preemptively will just cost you extra money in the long run. This fact is especially true for long trips- there is no need to spend extra money on an oil change just because you are taking a road trip.

You do, however, need to replace your filter with each oil change. This is a mistake too many people make, often thinking they're using some kind of insider trick- they're not. In fact, you will be undoing the majority of benefits yielded by an oil change when engaging in this practice. Avoid it at all costs.

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