Tips for Addressing a Flat Tire

Flat tires will be part of car ownership for as long as we use inflatable tires. Employ our advice on replacing flats!

If you realize during a drive that you have a flat, do not panic. Carefully stop your car on pavement and away from moving vehicles. Next, disengage your engine, and pull your emergency brake. Remove your jack, tools and doughnut spare from your trunk. To prevent rolling, chock the tires opposite the flat one. Always partially loosen the flat's lug nuts before lifting your car. With the car raised, spin off the lug nuts, and switch tires. Next, replace the lug nuts by hand, and lower the car. Finally, use the ground's leverage and your lug wrench to fully secure the nuts.

Of course, doughnut spares feature limited ranges, so visit us at the Prestige Family of Dealership after replacing a flat. Our service professionals can quickly turn your flat tire into a memory with our wide range of new tires for sale.

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