A Tire Rotation Provides Perks on the Road

Cornering is a driving maneuver that everyone performs on a regular basis. Each time a car sways around a curve, it tires gradually develop wear. Tire rotations benefit drivers who corner regularly because the procedures protect and preserve treads that provide grip on the road.

The drive train impacts how tires produce traction while cornering. For example, when an automobile with a front-wheel drive system corners, all power generates from the front tires. This means that these tires will produce consistent friction while the rear wheels generate less heat. On all tires, wear may occur on key spots more frequently over time, and this is why tire rotations are vital. A rotation involves adjusting the wheels; after the process is complete, wear on a tire is distributed evenly. If you rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, you'll experience solid handling whenever you implement cornering procedures.

The staff at Prestige Family of Dealerships offers great tire rotation services for a variety of vehicles. We aim to keep you safe in your Volkswagen or Subaru as you cruise around town.



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