Things to do When Involved in a Car Accident

Finding yourself in a car accident isn't pleasant. No one wants to deal with the mess. Driving away isn't an option, though. Doing so would constitute the crime of "hit and run." Don't make careless mistakes when involved in a collision. Follow established, acceptable steps for the aftermath.

Feel concern for others. Take steps to call emergency responders to deal with the injured. At the appropriate point, move the vehicles out of traffic lanes if possible. Calling the police becomes critical as well. Filing a police report helps if a negligence claim is forthcoming.

Exchange all necessary information with those involved with the accident. Report the accident to your insurance company. Do so with complete accuracy. You may need to file a collision claim or uninsured motorist claim with your insurance provider. Or, you may file a liability claim against the other driver.

Driving a safe car might cut down on accidents. Find the right car at Prestige Family of Dealerships and take it out for a test drive.



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