Adventurous, Powerful, Secure: Subaru Crosstrek

Ask any member of our Prestige Family of Dealerships team what's the most powerful, safe, capable compact crossover it its class, and the answer is Subaru Crosstrek. Crosstrek has numerous features that enhance its power and efficiency on top of its impressive safety and tech features. Here are two worth mentioning.

Easy Does It

Crosstrek's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive ensures uniform stability in any terrain. This intelligent feature ensures the best power distribution and all-around traction, improving Crosstrek's response time to adverse road conditions, its handling and efficiency.

The BOXER Engine

?Crosstrek's BOXER engine represents more than a half century of innovation and engineering breakthroughs. BOXER boasts direct injection and a horizontal design that lowers Crosstrek's center of gravity, resulting in a more efficient transfer of power. This transfer endows you with more control and muscle to navigate even the most touchy road situations and less-than-perfect weather.

Take the Crosstrek for a test drive today and see for yourself. Our dealership team can't wait to meet you.


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