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Things To Consider When Planning An Affordable Road Trip

There are many uses of your vehicle that dealers want you to explore and enjoy once you have made a purchase. This is due to the fact that a customer who enjoys your product is likely to shop again with you. One way that you can put your vehicle to good use is to set out on a cheap but adventurous road trip.

There are a few steps to take into consideration when planning a road trip on a budget. First, you'll want to consider the route to determine distance and time. This should be followed by calculating a…

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The Convenience of Roof Racks

Many different types of vehicles come equipped with roof racks. The feature enables vehicle owners to carry loads in addition to the cargo storage space. The racks can also haul items too large to fit inside. However, there are a number of tips to remember that allow you to get the most out of the amenity while preventing vehicle damage.

Do not add more weight to the roof rack than the owner's manual recommends. After loading the roof rack, tie the load down on the front and back of the rack and on the front and rear towing eyes…

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Gaskets Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility, and we all want to know as much about our basic vehicle parts as possible, in order to make informed decisions on maintenance issues. Gaskets are some of the important engine components, but you may not be very familiar with their functions.

Gaskets serve the purpose of keeping fluids and gases separate and contained, in order to prevent them escaping or from harming the engine. 

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Motor Oil Myths: Fact Vs. Fiction

There is a lot of misinformation regarding motor oil in circulation. That's why its important for you to have a grasp on what's real and what isn't. And we're here help; here are a few different things to understand about motor oil myths.

To start, if you aren't due for a change, don't sweat it. Getting an oil change preemptively will just cost you extra money in the long run. This fact is especially true for long trips- there is no need to spend extra money on an oil change just because you are…

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The Right Way to Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit

Keep these tips provided by Prestige Family of Dealerships for packing a roadside emergency kit handy, it could reduce the time you're stranded with a disabled vehicle.

There should always be a decent flashlight and plenty of batteries in your emergency kit. Not only can you make repairs in the dark with the light, but it will also allow you to get the attention of other motorists who might not see your car off the side of the road.

Jumper cables are essential because they allow you to get the car jump-started when any person pulls over to over…

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Why Prestige Family of Dealerships is the Easy Choice for Auto Service

Don't leave the servicing of your vehicle to just any local independent mechanic or service center. Bring your car to the dealership where you get exceptional service in less time than you may realize, such as ours at Prestige Family of Dealerships!

When you make the trip to our showroom, where the certified mechanics will make short work of servicing and repairing your vehicle correctly. Stop in and get started today!

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How Much Will It Cost You to Own Your Own Vehicle?

You are ready to purchase a new vehicle but you are not sure how much it will cost you over the long run. It is important to realize that the cost of the loan is only a part of the expense of owning a vehicle. There are many more expenses that come along with being a vehicle owner, and our team at Prestige Family of Dealerships is eager to break them down for you:

You must have car insurance to drive. This is an additional expense that you must add to your budget. What about regular maintenance such as oil…

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Servicing Your Headlights

There are numerous parts of your vehicle that as time goes on, will require maintenance and repair just because of daily wear and tear. Your headlights are a part of your vehicle that will require maintenance but a lot of people neglect this area of their vehicle and it can greatly affect your overall level of safety while on the road.

Bring your vehicle in to Prestige Family of Dealerships and we can assess your headlights and see if there is anything that needs to be done to them.

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Cleaning Headlight Lenses

In time, the headlight lenses on vehicles become cloudy. If not cleaned, the opacity reduces the amount of light that shines through, which can impair vision at night. There are a few simple remedies that take care of the problem. Try applying toothpaste to the lenses and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse the lenses and dry. Another option includes applying insect repellent that contains DEET to a cloth and rubbing the lenses.

Vehicle owners can also purchase headlight lens cleaning kits where automotive products are sold. 

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Tips for Addressing a Flat Tire

Flat tires will be part of car ownership for as long as we use inflatable tires. Employ our advice on replacing flats!

If you realize during a drive that you have a flat, do not panic. Carefully stop your car on pavement and away from moving vehicles. Next, disengage your engine, and pull your emergency brake. Remove your jack, tools and doughnut spare from your trunk. To prevent rolling, chock the tires opposite the flat one. 

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