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How Much Will It Cost You to Own Your Own Vehicle?

You are ready to purchase a new vehicle but you are not sure how much it will cost you over the long run. It is important to realize that the cost of the loan is only a part of the expense of owning a vehicle. There are many more expenses that come along with being a vehicle owner, and our team at Prestige Family of Dealerships is eager to break them down for you:

You must have car insurance to drive. This is an additional expense that you must add to your budget. What about regular maintenance such as oil…

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What is the Difference Between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel-Drives?

For the better part of a century, automobiles were powered by a rear-wheel system. The rear-wheel-drive allowed a division of tasks between the front and rear wheels. The front wheels were for steering while the rear wheels provided power. Though it appears to be simpler to put both tasks on the front wheels, engineers could not figure out how to provide power and steering using the same components. The rear-wheel-drive pushed the car providing more power in curves than front-wheel-drive units that pull the car.

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What Is the Best Type of Vehicle Warranty?

Warranties are an important consideration when shopping for a new vehicle. It is important to understand the two main types so you can make an informed decision when you make a purchase.

Powertrain warranties cover the car’s propulsion system. This includes the engine, transmission and some other drive components. These parts are generally the most expensive on the vehicle and require the most labor to repair.

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Online Service Scheduler Meets Demands of Today

Many of us in the Turnersville, NJ area are simply too busy to slow down for a phone call. We can't always break away from work, school or errands to make a phone call to schedule our next service appointment. Vehicle service is a must. It should never be overlooked. Sometimes it happens because we just get too busy. That's why our online service scheduler at Prestige Family of Dealerships is becoming more and more popular.

It allows every vehicle owner the opportunity to schedule service quickly and whenever they have time. You can pick from available appointment…

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The 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth Exposed

You might still hear someone say you need an oil change every 3,000 miles. That was once the theory with vehicle owners about regular maintenance. You need to get your oil changed at the 3,000-mile mark or else. Older vehicles did need oil changes more often.

Vehicles of this era are simply designed better. The engines are equipped to go longer periods without an oil change. The quality and chemistry of oil are also improving. That means fewer oil changes for your vehicle. Many can go 7,000 miles before an oil change. You can consult your owner…

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Why Ice Melt Is Best for Snowy Weather Conditions

Our staff members at Prestige Family of Dealerships have heard some of our customers complain about having to use the more expensive salt ice melt during the winter. After all, the product is more expensive than other alternatives like sand or kitty litter. We always suggest that you stick with the proven remedy for snowy weather conditions. Here are a few more reasons why we believe that ice melt is best for snowy weather conditions.

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The Efficiency of Winter Wiper Blades

It is very easy to underestimate the importance of your windshield wipers in Turnersville, NJ. They usually function efficiently and require little maintenance. However, when the cold temperature begins to hit, their longevity becomes both a complicated issue and one of the most important as far as safety is concerned. Having effective windshield wipers is vital to maneuvering in contentious weather conditions such as rain and harsh snow—this can affect the safety of your vehicle, and that should not be left up to circumstantial elements such as weather.

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What Kind Of Tires Does My Car Need?

Many drivers don't put much thought into tires and generally assume that all tires are the same or there are only two kinds of tires. However, there are several different kinds of tires to choose from that are designed for different things. The parts team here at Prestige Family of Dealerships can help you decide which kind of tire is best for the type of car you have or the kind of driving you do.


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Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Recalls Earlier Volkswagen Electric Vehicle


Volkswagen has created a modern rendition of it's historic VW Microbus. The ID Buzz, as it's called is an all electric Volkswagen van with an estimated range of 270 miles, a 0-60 MPH time of five seconds, and a total of 369 horsepower thanks to not one but two electric motors. If this concept ever does make it to production, expect it sometime around 2022...


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